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09.02.2020 Concert

The Jim Dandies – Libreria Palazzo Roberti, 11.00 AM

Traditional Jazz, Classical Blues, Hokum Songs, Barrelhouse, Stomp, Stride, Boogie Woogie … all musical styles that strongly characterize the sound of Jim Dandies.
A dirty, rough, rough sound, the same that was played and screamed late at night by unrecognized singers in barrelhouses, brothels, juke joint during the 1920s and 1930s.
The Jim Dandies aim to take the audience by the hand and take it back in time, trying to return that low-fi dimension to jazz and blues by bringing the listener’s ear back to its origins. Born from the impulse of the pianist Paolo Fornara who, taking advantage of the experience gained abroad and in Italy, found perfect harmony in the collaboration with Alessandra Perozzo (voice, washboard, kazoo) and Paolo Busatto (guitars). Look, sound and repertoire make The Jim Dandies a perfect photograph, rigorously in black and white, of what could be seen and heard in that America of the beginning of the century, shaken by that same earthquake that a few years later would have been called Jazz .

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